Programmes & Handling Collections

Information for Teachers & Educators

The Papakura Museum is an ideal place for learning and development. We bring our people’s past into the present. Our Museum experiences are designed to foster a sense of local identity. Choose from our set Education Programmes, or contact us to see if we can create a custom programme to suit your needs.

Phone: 09 298 2003
Visit: Papakura Museum, Level 3, 209 Great South Road, Papakura

Programmes for Schools


Old Days, Old Ways

Explore the Story of Papakura. Journey through an untouched land, stand with Ngā Iwi at Pukekiwiriki Pā, and experience life the way a colonial settler would have. Grind grain, pump water, and more in this hands on experience of our colonial past.

This programme is suitable for a range of ages and can be adapted to suit curriculum requirements.

To book, contact the Education Coordinator.

Cost: $2.00 per student, or Koha by arrangement.

Customised Programmes

The storeroom and archive contain artefacts and information that rarely sees the light of day. These resources can be used to develop a programme that matches a Museum experience to your classroom study. For most requests we need 6 weeks to develop a programme. We may be unable to meet your request if our collection lacks artefacts that support your study.

There is no additional charge for this service.

Contact the Education Coordinator if you would like to have a customised programme.

Handling Collections

The Papakura Museum has boxed handling collections available for retirement villages and schools to borrow. Use them in your classroom, or we can bring them to you as part of a visit. Each handling collection includes a range of artefacts centred around a topic or theme.

Old Days, Old Ways

We have two Old Days, Old Ways handling collections available to borrow. Each box contains household objects, tools, clothing, and black & white photographs which represent the experiences and achievements of local European settlers during the early 1900s.

Learning Outcomes for Students include:

  • Understanding the way people lived.
  • Strengthening a sense of local identity.
  • Understanding agents of change.


This handling collection contains a range of different technology and communication devices from the 20th century. Designed to help children understand developments in technology and change over time.

Learning Outcomes for Students include:

  • Encouraging curiosity.
  • Understanding how technology has changed.
  • Thinking outside the box.


This handling collection contains games, toys and some entertainment technology that used to be in common use, but now may be puzzling or unusual to young modern audiences.

Learning Outcomes for Students include:

  • Encouraging curiosity and empathy.
  • Understanding how children played in the past.
  • Considering how analog technology functioned.